Space Cowboy (New)

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Space Cowboy

Running Wild through the desert on a planet who knows only night, the space cowboy rides and races to catch the light. Long ago, the light ran away when the planet’s beings were consumed with fright. He affirms in his heart that everything will be alright & knows the darkness is not forever, in spite of the difficult fight. Hope runs through his veins as he manifests the strength of a knight. “I will bring back the light for it is their right to let their souls shine bright.” The chase goes on, over the hills and through the bog, flying to the town passing everyone! The flash of light zooms by with the Cowboy closing in behind. The Beings start to open their eyes & are astonished at the site. They see the brightness! A spark of hope ignites. The town jumps on their horses & beams with might as they follow the cowboy to end the hundred-year night. The day has returned with lessons learned. It only takes one person with hope to create change & spark the light in people’s hearts. Made with Dalmatian jasper, fossil, onyx, obsidian & wood.

Includes: stretch bracelet, burlap bag & description card.