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It's our duty to bring universal truth to the galaxy. We hold the keys to unlock the mysteries of the Milky Way! Teleport to another dimension and find clues in the past, present and future! As a universal investigator, I promise to uphold the space time continuum and collect evidence through visualization. I will use the knowledge gained to elevate human consciousness and inspire new ways of thinking. The black holes of deceit in this star system will not stand in our way. I am protected by the cosmic energy of truth. Made with fluorite, lapis lazuli, amethyst, sandstone, obsidian & onyx. 

Kendall Rae x The Sand Witch Shoppe

20% of each bracelet sold will be donated to the Her Justice organization

Includes: Stretch bracelet, description card and burlap bag


Customer Reviews

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Fantastic Item!

I love this bracelet so much. It is beautiful and well made. It’s a fantastic every day accessory can can also be dressed up for fancy occasions. I absolutely love it! The shop owner is wonderful to work with! Speedy responses when you have questions and very supportive!

Heather Maier

Another lovely one with great intent and for s good cause.