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Meditation was first developed in India and has been used for centuries by all walks of life. People meditate to acquire knowledge, connect to the higher self and to be one with the divine. The list of benefits that come from meditating are endless. The oldest record of meditation dates back to 5000 B.C.

This bracelet was created to enhance your meditation. Made with Amethyst which brings a calming energy and balances the mind and emotions, Tiger Eye, a crystal that holds the vibration of Source, which helps you connect easily to your life purpose, Black Labradorite which teaches patience and removes negative energy to bring a calming atmosphere and wood mala beads which have been used in many cultures for meditation. Included on your bracelet is a Buddha Head.  Buddha heads are a symbol of confidence, awareness, knowledge, love and meditation . Each detail of the Buddha head symbolizes a hidden meaning. They are a reminder to be great, noble and kind. 

Includes: Stretch bracelet, description card and burlap bag