The Sand Witch Shoppe

The Sand Witch Shoppe was created in March of 2020, by Zachary Dalton and Cody Johnson. The launch of our store coincided with the rise of COVID-19 and a future of uncertainty. Working in restaurants, we were both laid off but determined to create our own security. We used the time in quarantine to establish our business and focus on its growth. We are partners both in life and business and this is our story. 

Cody Johnson was born and raised in the Hudson Valley of New York. One of his first jobs was a baker in a local health food store, specializing in alternative baking (i.e. vegan, gluten-free, raw.) He then made his way through various restaurants eventually moving down to Sarasota. Working as a Sous Chef roughly 60 hours a week left little time for “extracurricular” activities but plans for a self-run business were always peeking out from the backs of our minds.

Zachary Dalton grew up in Arcadia, Florida with special interests in photography and fashion. Doing various photoshoots for senior graduation, families and businesses. He’s worked for restaurants doing food and bar shoots as well as special events. He has always had a passion for photography, fashion and all things magic.He moved to Sarasota in the spring of 2019 and his career started to bloom. “Fashion has always been something that’s piqued my interest. I’ve always wanted to be a designer.  It’s a dream of mine to be able to create a fashion line that includes something for everyone. We are all different and deserve to feel special. I keep this in mind while designing the jewelry.” 

Collectively, we started to brainstorm the life in which we wanted to create. There was talk of a restaurant, bakery, shoppe and clothing store. Finally we came to an agreement of not limiting our business to one model. People whether family, friends or partners have specific qualities that are unique. We wanted to highlight these qualities by creating a business that allowed us both to flourish within our strengths. Limitations are created around everyones dreams and are usually imaginary. We found a way that worked for us to abolish these limitations and grow in our own specific way. 

The Sand Witch Shoppe is a merge of our personal strengths. Cody brings the magic to the baking and Zachary to the jewelry and other handcrafted items.The bakery section of The Sand Witch Shoppe is run by Cody. He uses various recipes passed down through his Norwegian heritage and some created specifically for the business. We source the best ingredients we can find and use creative methods to provide something unique. “I have been in the kitchen with my grandmother since I could walk.” We plan on expanding our bakery to cakes, pastries, healthier options and more alternative baking methods for allergies and allergy preferences. 

There is so much magic hidden in this world, especially within us and our jewelry seeks to unveil it. We use gems that bring out specific energies and symbols that remind us to keep going forward.  Sustainably sourced beads and crystals from around the world that have specific meanings and powers. Most of the jewelry at our shoppe is gender neutral and we hope to create treasures that make people feel special. In the future we will be releasing more fashion, home decor and accessories for positive lifestyles. 

 Since opening we have been operating stands at different pop-up events and have several events planned for the future. We hope to become more involved with SRQ events as they start to reopen. The Sand Witch Shoppe is in the early stages of a dream come true and it is an amazing journey watching it grow within our community. In a time of upheaval it is easy to fall victim to a scary situation but it's the strength to grow beyond the fear that elevates you to that next level. Your life is a manifestation of your dreams, you just have to the push the universe gives you and trust in your own ability to fly. 

We imagine The Sand Witch Shoppe as a story. A tale of a witch traveling through the land, selling their magical findings and unique jewelry enchanted with ancient powers. Symbols that aid in the manifestation of your intentions and desires. Baked goods that are made with magic and recipes that date back ages. Our story has only just begun and we can't wait to share it with the world.

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